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We would like to say something. In regards of the concerts of Halloween Party, we have made the decision of NOT share any contents from the streaming of Yama-chan, because he asked (for him and under the request of the artists) to not share them. We want to respect this request. So, we'll post only pics and so on from the official accounts of the artists and from official sites. We don't know if this situation is only for today or even for the other concerts. We'll always keep you up to date of any changes. We hope you'll understand.

Яма-сан просил не делиться его передачами про Хэлловин.
Как я понимаю, предлагается считать запретными и скриншоты, что уже странно...


Окончательное решение, естественно, на наше усмотрение.

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